Assisting you to achieve global manufacturing solutions with our 45+ years of experience and innovation.
We are Reliance Group, a total manufacturing solution company that offers custom design, product development, engineering, product manufacturing and logistics services,with operations in the US, Taiwan, and China.
  1. Reliance Enterprise Corp. established as an international trader and sourcing agent for overseas businesses, specializing in tertile and garment business.

  2. Taiwan household hardware factory was built.

  3. Taiwan NPC Ltd. established, specializing in plastic injection molds and moldings business.

  4. Electronic Division established, focusing on electronic parts and products.

  5. Rel-Mek Ltd. established, focusing on importation of brand-name European skin care & health care products.

  6. Woodware Division established, specializing in garment hangers, and storage products.

  7. Mainland China factory established, Limain Products, manufacturing of household hardware and woodware.

  8. Reliance Design & Manufacture Corp. established, operating 2-shot & 3-shot plastic injection molding.

  9. U.S. distribution and sales office established, Proman Products LLC.

Providing quality services is our mission.

Do you have concept needed production but don't know how to design & develop it?

Do you have problems to get quality product but don't know where & how?

Do you have concept of a product but don't trust your current manufacturer?

Are you troubled by delayed delivery, consolidation and distribution management?

Offer parts design, industrial design, tooling design, fixture design, material selection, and packaging design.
Case engineer assigned to every project, we will take client's initial concept through production to ensure a complete program success.
3D print or CNC to create your part in either metal or plastic model.
Equipped with newest programmable microprocessor controlled machinery available, our plant is able to handle most of the difficult projects.
Offer packaging design and assembling operations to increase product value and accurate cost down valuable time.
With our distribution and warehouse located in USA, Taiwan, and China, we can fulfill your just-in-time requirement world wide.

So, Look no further, CONTACT US,

With 50 years of combined business & technical knowledge
and experience assisting customers worldwide, our people will assist you to achieve your goals.

We have the facilities, We have the resources.

Expertise is our business.
Apparel & Accessories
Highest quality at prices that
competition cannot match.
Top-notch manufacturing know-how. Relentless effort for fine quality. Competitive pricing and value. Global sourcing network. These are just a few reasons why apparel marketers turn to Reliance.
Accent Furniture & Furnishing
Turn your design into
product and profit.
OEM, ODM service on furniture and house ware products to clients. We have the confidence and ability in providing services from product designing, product developing and manufacturing, to even marketing and the selling of your products.
Products Development
Continually pursuit of
innovative products development.
We are a GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified factory. We can offer services in design solutions and product manufacturing, complimented by our logistics and distribution management. Single and multi-shot plastic injection molds and moldings are our expertise.
Storage & Closet Products
Perfection in style.
We provide commercial and retail garment hangers, storage products. We are OEM and ODM expert, covering product design and development. Our product collections are created by a design team that is well informed of market trend and demand.
What can we do for you?